The Race for Better Infrastructure?

Guest Post: Donnagh Garden

Before I start, I want to make one thing clear. This piece is about failure to prepare for the levels of immigration that any rational person would expect in a rapidly expanding world. It is not, and I can’t stress this enough, it is not about race. So get that right out of your head.

I’ll start with a little story. The other day I went to New World after work to pick up a few bags of Pam’s Sour Party Mix. I had trouble finding it at first, mostly due to the densely packed crowds of who I presume were Indonesians trying to decide between getting a Mars or a Moro. But this is not about race.

Eventually I squeezed my torso through the ethnic gridlock and plucked a few bags from the shelves, my mind flashing forwards as I extrapolated my experience into a future hellscape. With an almost Herculean effort I swam through the masses to the self-checkouts, only to be confronted with a virtual basilisk of different nationalities and cultures. It coiled around the supermarket aisles like Jormangund, the World Serpent. I cried out for Thor to save me, but was met only with a plurality of accents. But this is not about race. Get that right out of your head.

Now I’m not saying that these Sri Lankans, these Malaysians, these Pacific Islanders were to blame for the pythonic crush of brown. All I’m saying is that they were there. Did they have to be there? That’s not for me to say, nor should you think I’m making this about them. I’m really not. Remember, this column is about planning.

Could we have planned better for this? For the Ethiopians clogging our roads with their taxis? For the Indians taking up all of our street front properties with their dairies? For the Chinese people filling our ports with their junks? Yes. And that’s my point. It’s not about their race. Don’t make this about their race. It’s about the fact that New Zealand is letting in a virtual flood of different ethnicities into this country and we haven’t planned for it. Stop bringing race into it. I’m certainly not.

So that’s it really. Could New World have paid more attention to global trends? Could it have built more self-service checkouts to cope with the increasing population of shoppers? Yes. And do you notice how you can use it as an example without bringing race into it? Of course you do. Because that’s what I’ve done. Not once have I made this about race.

Now think about the future. Think about your grandchildren lost in a sea of people who look like they don’t come from here. Now stop thinking about race. Think about planning. Do it for them, your grandkids. But don’t make it about race. Please.


For more race-free commentary, see here:


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